Hold Your Credit Card Processor Accountable & Increase Cash Flow

Productivity in Healthcare (“Productivity”) saves your facility money by having your credit card processor

  • remove hidden fees
  • fix errors
  • adjust inflated rates

There are no upfront fees for this service. Fees are paid from the captured savings. If there are no savings, then your facility pays nothing. However, in most cases, your business recovers revenue that would otherwise be lost! Productivity’s partner has saved its clients more than $100 million from the unregulated credit card processing industry.


Credit Card transactions seem simple. One swipes a card in a reader and a purchase takes place. In reality, there are many players involved. The processor, independent sales agent, equipment vendor, bank, and network payment company (Visa, MC, AMEX). Each has its own rate and fee schedules as well as its share of mistakes.

Productivity’s partner uses its expertise and experience to identify better rate classes, overcharges, hidden fees, and billing errors. To begin the examination, we just need your credit card statement to analyze, at no cost.


Savings are identified in more than 70% of credit card statement analyses. The savings can arise for various reasons.

Did your processor fool you with hidden fees?

Did your independent sales agent mark up the pricing unfairly?

Is your business properly categorized within the card network rate schedule?

Let us find out for you…for FREE.


Once we identify the potential savings to be secured, we go to your processor to make the necessary adjustments. Fixing errors or recategorizing your account with the card network brands is pretty straightforward. Cases involving processor hidden fees and overcharges can meet with resistance, which Productivity’s partner will handle professionally and forcefully.

Begin your free analysis.