What We Do to Save

Productivity in Healthcare helps delivers best available pricing for Ethicon and Covidien wound closure products, thereby increasing bottom lines and removing pricing uncertainty. Productivity’s partner has helped save facilities as much as 70% on their purchases of sutures and endo-mechanicals.

Securing best pricing for surgical supplies can be daunting. Many different entities make up the supply chain, influencing final pricing. In addition, each entity has its own pricing programs, further confusing consumers.

Our approach is simple. If our partner doesn’t deliver improved pricing, your facility pays nothing. There are no upfront costs, just a fee, that is charged once your facility has been rostered for savings.


Analyze your suture invoices and current contracts. Identify pricing programs ideally suited for your facility to determine the projected savings to be gained.


Roster your facility with preferred GPO, manufacturer, and distributor pricing. If warranted, negotiate with your existing distributor, on your facility’s behalf.


For interested facilities, regularly monitor  your facility’s access to best available pricing for Ethicon and Covidien sutures and endo-mechanicals.

Information that impacts pricing:

  • Which brands of sutures and endo-mechanicals does your facility buy?
  • How much does your facility spend annually on each brand?
  • For which Class of Trade (e.g., practice, surgery center, hospital) does your facility qualify?
  • Is your facility interested in accessing lower GPO pricing for other product categories?
  • Which distributor(s) does your facility use?