Enhance Your Vendors’ Impacts on Business Productivity

and Cash Flow

Productivity in Healthcare (“Productivity”) saves your facility money and improves business productivity by diving deep into the costs/benefits accruing from your vendor arrangements.

Is your business:

  • paying for services that it doesn’t need?
  • incurring charges in excess of acceptable market rates?
  • getting promised benefits?

Fees are paid from captured savings and/or additional benefits. Without the securing of savings or other benefits, your business pays nothing. However, in many cases, your business will see productivity and financial gains. 


When one drives off the lot with a new car, invariably the buyer believes s/he negotiated a great deal. Nonetheless, that is rarely the case. Car dealers are expert in such deal making, while the buyer negotiates these deals infrequently. Your business may be similarly disadvantaged and exploited by your company’s providers of healthcare insurance, technology, office rentals, and professional services.

Productivity’s partners use their expertise and experience to: align services with needs; negotiate better rates; and, identify overcharges and billing errors. To begin the free examination, you share relevant contracts and billing statements to analyze.


Savings can be substantial. Moreover, streamlined operations can result. Fixable problems arise for various reasons including:

Your vendor delivers unnecessary features and programs;

The sales agent marked up pricing unfairly;

The pricing calculation is confounding, making accurate payments difficult; and,

Contract management is non-existent.

Let us analyze your situation…for FREE.


Once we identify the potential savings and other benefits to be secured, we go to your vendors to negotiate the necessary adjustments. Fixing errors or ensuring compliance with contract terms, can be straightforward. Cases involving hidden fees and removing unnecessary services can meet with resistance, which Productivity’s partners will handle professionally and forcefully.

Begin your free analysis.